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Question 1

___________ invented the three-element vacuum tube which became the basis of all electronic devices and he called it the Audion?

A Lee De Forest
B Guglielmo Marconi
C Thomas Edison
D Ambrose Fleming

Question 2

Which of the following formula does Ohms Law represent?

A P = I*V
B R = V*I
C V = P/I
D I = V/R

Question 3

_________ is a Scottish inventor and the watt was named after him.

A Alessandro Volta
B Andre Maria Ampere
C James Watt
D George Simon Ohm

Question 4

The main features of a large-signal amplifier is the circuit's ________

A impedance matching to the output device
B maximum power limitations
C power efficiency
D all of the above

Question 5

Which class of amplifier operates in the linear region for only a small part of the input cycle?


Question 6

Amplifiers designed to handle AC signals are called _______

A thin signal amplifiers
B large signal amplifiers
C small signal amplifiers
D thick signal amplifiers

Question 7

Maximum efficiency produced by Class B amplifier is _______

A 79%
B 84%
C 60%
D 50%

Question 8

The power rating of a transistor can be effectively increased ______

A by using slow-blow fuses
B by using heat sinks
C by reducing power supply voltages
D by using bigger transistors

Question 9

Which of the following is not one of the parameters of amplifier?

A Feedback
B Cooler
C Frequency
D Gain

Question 10

An amplifier that conducts during the full cycle, or has a conducting angle of 360 degrees is known as a __________

A Class AB Power Amplifier
B Class B Power Amplifier
C Class C Power Amplifier
D Class A Power Amplifier

Question 11

What is the output voltage, if a transistor amplifier has a voltage gain of 100 and input voltage is 75mV?

A 13.3V
B 1.33V
C 15V
D 7.5V

Question 12

Which type of power amplifier is biased for operation at less than 180º of the cycle?

A Class C
B Class D
C Class A or AB
D Class A

Question 13

What is the voltage across the capacitor in the given circuit?

A 16.1V
B 22.9V
C 6.8V
D 11.9V

Question 14

What is the advantage of extending the bandwidth of audio amplifiers to frequencies higher than the audible limit?

A to preserve wave shape
B to increase efficiency
C to reduce noise
D to reduce transients

Question 15

Which of the following device represents the coupled carbon microphone which is used as crude amplifiers in telephone repeaters


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